The Viennage 4000 Lumen High Power LED Rechargeable Spotlight is the kind of device that puts out a lot of light despite its small size. With a maximum output of 4000 lumens, it's quite powerful even though it comes in a small package. Additionally, the device also has a few other useful features, including five modes, great recharging features as well as a durable design.

However, the best thing about the Viennage 4000 is that it's really affordable. You can get it for relatively cheap on Amazon, and for that price, you would expect modest features, but that's not really the case. As we've said, the Viennage 4000 has plenty of good, versatile features. So if you are interested in this particular item then here's what you should know about it.


The first thing that you will likely notice about the Viennage 4000 Lumen High Power LED Rechargeable Spotlight is that it is small. It's also very lightweight. It's less than 6 inches long and weight around 1.75 pounds. It can fit in your pocket, your bag's side pocket or even your glove compartment.

However, don't let the small package fool you. As we've mentioned, it can put out 4000 lumens at maximum setting, and it's also easy to recharge. Additionally, it also has five modes, namely high, middle, low, strobe and SOS, so there's no need to worry about the lack of options or poor versatility.

With regards to durability, the Viennage 4000 is water resistant, and can be used for camping, hunting or sailing. Also, because of its small size, it can be used as your car or yard flashlight.

As for charging issues, the Viennage 4000 has a charging time of only three and a half hours as well as a battery life of 500 charge cycles. The best part, though, is that it comes with its own rechargeable battery and recharging station. These devices are also durable and easy to store away.

Finally, this flashlight also features a carrying handle, which is supposed to make it easier to carry. Unfortunately, the handle is a little big, so it's not that practical. You may not agree with this, but the usefulness of most flashlight carrying handles is determined by how each person carries his or her flashlight.


- Lightweight
- Easy to carry around
- Very affordable
- Powerful output
- Five modes


- The carrying handle isn't very useful and can sometimes be a nuisance.


The Viennage 4000 Lumen High Power LED Rechargeable Spotlight is a flashlight that punches above its weight. It's a powerful device that comes in a small package. It's also easy to recharge, and it's durable. And perhaps, most important of all, it's really affordable. You can't ask more from a flashlight.

As a tactical flashlight, it works really well, and as long as you bring along the right equipment and re-charger, it should work well in a non-urban environment. So if you need a good, affordable and high-powered tactical flashlight then the Viennage 4000 is a good option that you can try. It's affordable, powerful and easy to carry.