The Solaray Pro ZX - 1XL could easily be described as a very dependable flashlight. It's powerful, has good range and is also quite tough. It's the kind of flashlight that works well in any condition, from patrolling buildings at night to exploring caves during vacation.

The downside, however, is that the ZX - 1XL is large, and weighs around 7 ounces. This is somewhat mitigated by the presence of a belt clip, but even so, it's not the kind of flashlight that most people can comfortably use for hours.

This one little issue aside, though, the ZX - 1XL is a decent enough flashlight, and at it's slightly affordable for its size. So if you are interested in buying this product then here's what you should know.


There are three things that you should know about the Solaray Pro ZX - 1XL. First of all, it's powerful. Like many Solaray flashlights, it can unleash at least a thousand lumens, so expect a lot of light when you turn it on. Additionally, the ZX - 1XL also has an adjustable zoom focus lens to increase its range and peripheral illumination. So as far as illumination goes, this flashlight has a lot to offer.

Another feature that sets the ZX - 1XL apart from other flashlights is that it has a lithium-ion rapid battery charger as well as Solaray brand 3.7v 3000mAh batteries. So if you're a big admirer of flashlight chargers and batteries then the ZX - 1XL has something good to offer you.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the ZX - 1XL is durable and was designed for all kinds of evening related jobs. The downside to this, however, is that although the ZX - 1XL's components are tough, they are not easy to replace when they get damaged, which means that you will need to contact the vendor and request a replacement should malfunctions happen.

Aside from these three features, the ZX - 1XL also has a few additional accessories going for it. It includes a nice kit and it also has a belt clip, which is useful for security and law enforcement personnel. These aren't particularly important, but they're nice additions nonetheless.


- Adjustable zoom focus lens allows for flexible range adjustments
- Comes with a nice kit that includes a lot of nice accessories
- Durable, and designed for all kinds of situations
- Powerful output


- Relatively large and slightly heavier than most other types of flashlights in the market
- Components are difficult to replace when they start to malfunction


The Solaray Pro ZX - 1XL is a powerful and reliable flashlight, and it offers a lot of good value for its price. The downside, however, is that it's much larger and slightly heavier than most other flashlights in the market. So if you're going to buy this item, make sure that you don't mind the extra size or weight.

Some people don't mind the trade off, but if you prefer to have a flashlight that is easy to store and carry around then it's not the best option. Either way, the ZX - 1XL is very powerful for its price, and for some, that's all that matters.