The Pelican LED Rechargeable Light is an impressive flashlight for its class. It's compact, relatively durable and it offers a lot of light despite its size. It's not the most affordable of its class, nor does it offer anything special in the features department. However, what the Pelican lacks in cost or characteristics, it makes up for in solid reliability. 

The Pelican has all the right features in all the right proportions,and it's not very expensive despite its good performance. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect if you want to buy this item. 


The Pelican LED Rechargeable Light is a good flashlight for its class. It's a little heavy at seven pounds, but it offers output, durability, range and intensity in all the right amounts. 

For starters, consider its maximum output of around 730 lumens. This is certainly no match for flashlights that can unleash thousands of lumens, but for most people, it's just the right amount of light. Most other flashlights that have this sort of output cost more, so it's very cost effective. 

Aside from its output, the Pelican also has a range of 450 yards, which although not very impressive when compared with tactical flashlights, is quite impressive for a flashlight like the Pelican. 

As for durability, the Pelican seems to have a long service life. It doesn't seem to be vulnerable to malfunctions, and although it's not as tough as some tactical flashlights, it can still withstand a little rough treatment. You can bring it with you in your next camping or fishing trip. Just don't put it near the water. Despite its tough exterior, it's not waterproof. 

Finally, despite its appearance, the Pelican seems to be quite light compared to many other flashlights of similar design. The bulky exterior can be troublesome, but aside from that particular, the device is very easy to use. 


- Light Weight
- Easy to Use and Carry Around
- Long Service Life


- A Little Expensive

- Bulky and Difficult to Store

- Not Meant for Difficult Environments


The most remarkable thing about the Pelican LED Rechargeable Light is that it offers a good output-to-weight ratio. Despite its light weight, it is a powerful device that puts out more light than it ought to. It’s also reasonably durable, and its rechargeable features are quite useful as well. Although these features are not cutting edge, they are quite good if you're interested in a reliable flashlight for a very affordable cost. 

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that the Pelican is portable flashlights in the seven to ten pound range, and when compared to high end tactical camping or fishing flashlights, it doesn’t seem all that impressive. Even so, it’s very a good flashlight to consider is you’re looking for something that offers the highest value for your money. 

Thanks to its reliability, the Pelican is very versatile and you should be able to use it in any situation as long as you take good care of it.