The Tactical Ultra Bright 6000 Lumens Cree Xhp50 LED 5-mode Tactical Flashlight is the kind of flashlight that you want to bring along to a camping or hunting trip. It's tough and it's powerful. It also has 6000 lumens of output at maximum setting. So if you decide to purchase this item then here's what it can offer you.


With a maximum output of 6000 lumens, the Cree Xhp50 is a very powerful flashlight. Its super bright light LED bulb was designed for high powered performance, and it has good range as well as decent peripheral illumination. So if you're concerned with good output then the Cree Xhp50 has it in abundance.

What's really good about this flashlight, though, is its durability. Made from high quality aluminum alloy with heat resistant and water-proof features, it's a great flashlight for long excursions. Although many other flashlights can be just as tough, they are not always heat or water resistant, and that's something a lot of campers and hunters want.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that like many Cree flashlights the Xhp50 has multiple settings. In this case, it has high, middle, low, strobe and SOS, so you can adjust the setting to control the Xhp50's output as well as its power consumption.


- Durable design allows for long lasting performance
- High powered illumination and output
- Can withstand water, rain and intense heat
- Multiple settings


- Not a lot of other features
- It's not very affordable


The Tactical Ultra Bright 6000 Lumens Cree Xhp50 LED 5-mode Tactical Flashlight has two notable features. It's tough and it's powerful. Aside from these two things, there's not much else to say about it. As a tactical flashlight, it works well in rough, non-urban environments, but its lack of extra features can be considered as somewhat of a drawback.

For starters, it's not very portable. It's too large for certain bag pockets. Secondly, it's a bit heavy. So even though it offers good weight distribution and a nice ergonomic design, it is not the kind of flashlight that you can easily carry around with you. Lastly, it's ultra bright setting consumes too much power, which is why you better be prepared to carry several spare batteries if you want to set it at maximum setting most of the time.

The net result of these flaws is that the Xhp50 was designed to have too much power and durability and little of anything else. This doesn't make the flashlight bad, but the absence of other useful features does not make the Xhp50 competitive when compared to other flashlights. In short, a good flashlight should be durable, powerful, versatile and easy to use. The Xhp50 is very good with the first two or even three departments, but rather lacking in the fourth.

Still, if you can look past these minor concerns, then the Cree Xhp50 is a decent flashlight to have. It may not be portable or easy to carry, but it is powerful and durable, and in difficult situations, those things count the most.