The MaxLife Mini Tripod LED Flashlight is a small, simple, portable device that is ideal for people who need flashlights which are easy to use and carry. Although it doesn't have any special features, it is durable, has strong LED Lights and an easy-to-use design .

And of course, it's important to remember that the MaxLife is a Tripod flashlight, so even though it doesn't offer anything special, the fact that you can deploy it as a tripod is worth something. It's useful inside a car, in a dark office, and other places that require a stationary source of life. You can even add it to a bug-out bag or use it as an emergency flashlight in case of unforeseen power outages. So if you would like to learn more about this item then here's a brief rundown of what you can expect from it. 


As we've mentioned before, the MaxLife Mini Tripod LED Flashlight doesn't have any special or groundbreaking features. As a mini tripod flashlight, you can deploy it on any surface for hands free light, and it works well. However, don't anything special. 

As for durability, it features a graphite ABS composite head and a shatter resistant polycarbonate lens, so it can withstand a little abuse. With regards to size, however, it is a great portable flashlight. It can fit in most purses and glove compartments. It also makes a great emergency flashlight. 

Finally, the MaxLife features three LED lights and a multiposition head. These aren't particularly special as far as tripod flashlights go, but they are reliable features, and thanks to the Max Life's range and output,they are quite useful in dark areas. 


- Three LED lights
- Tripod features 
- Easy to use multi-position head
- Durable 


- Relatively high cost
- Lack of features make this item uninteresting


Perhaps the most notable feature of he MaxLifes Mini Tripod LED Flashlight is its simplicity. Compared to other tripod flashlights, it's not particularly special. Despite this, its size, weight and user-friendly design makes it a good device for anyone who wants to have his or her own tripod flashlight. 
The MaxLife seems a little expensive compared to ordinary flashlights, but it is worth remembering that it is still a tripod flashlight, and this added functionality helps to justify its price. On the other hand, though, it's worth remembering that there are cheaper and more portable flashlights out there. They are not tripod flashlights, but they do work just as well as the MaxLife Mini Tripod LED Flashlight.

So when we get right down to it, the biggest issue with this particular item is whether or not you want a good tripod flashlight. If you do then it's one of the most portable and most affordable tripod flashlights. However, if you just want an ordinary flashlight to keep in your cabinet or glove compartment then it's probably not your best option. 

Nonetheless, the MaxLife tripod flashlight works as intended, and although it's best used in urban environments, it is still a reliable flashlight to keep in your bag or your pocket.