The Lupine Lighting Systems Betty TL2 Flashlight is the kind of flashlight that people buy if they have a lot of money lying around. It's certainly not cheap but most of its features are quite impressive, even if they do come at a very steep price. So if you are interested in buying a pricey flashlight then here's what the TL2 can offer you.


The Lupine Lighting Systems Betty TL2 Flashlight costs a lot, and for this price tag, it certainly has a lot of impressive and relatively rare features. Whether or not these features justify the TL2's high price tag is another matter though.

Having said that, let's start with the TL2's output. It can unleash up 5000 lumens worth of light at maximum setting, which is certainly helpful if you're in a dark valley, but compared to other high-powered flashlights isn't all that special.

However, unlike many high-powered flashlights, the TL2 doesn't just offer a lot power. It has good range too. Thanks to the device's powerful lens arrangements, its beam can reach over 380 meters. So based on range alone, the TL2 is certainly a good flashlight.

Next, there's the TL2's different modes. Most flashlights have 3 to 5 modes, but the TL2 far exceeds that norm with 11 different light modes. One interesting mode is the integrated red light, which was developed to help users read at night or work at low light conditions. Other interesting modes include SOS, LED, FLASH and alpine emergency signal mode

As for durability, the TL2 doesn't offer anything special. It's made of waterproof aluminum housing, and a few other durable components, but nothing particularly special. So in regards with the reliability department, the TL2 doesn't really offer anything special.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the TL2 can be used for night time photography thanks to its 1/4 inch thread adapter mount, which allows the flashlight to be mounted on standard tripods or even directly on cameras. So if you're a night photographer, the TL2 may be useful for you.


- Eleven different modes
- Powerful output
- Useful for night photography
- Comes with several accessories


- High cost
- The added features may not justify the cost


The big question about the Lupine Lighting Systems Betty TL2 Flashlight is: Is it worth the price? Unfortunately, it's hard to say. On the one hand, some of this flashlight's features are not all that unique. Take for example the flashlight's output.

There are flashlights that only cost $100 that can put out thousands of lumens worth of light. The same is true with the TL2's durability. Many other flashlights offer the same level of protection and durability without having a price of tag of close to a thousand dollars.

On the other hand, the TL2's various modes are interesting, and many of its accessories are useful in camping or hunting trips. Ultimately, the question you need to keep in mind with regards to the Lupine Lighting Systems Betty TL2 Flashlight is if its features are worth its cost, and that's a hard question to answer.