The Energizer Weatheready Compact LED Flashlight is the type of flashlight that offers decent value despite its small size. Although this item doesn't offer anything particularly special or groundbreaking , it does have a nice, compact design and more importantly, it's easy to use. 

Given its size, it probably seems like a great flashlight to bring along for field trips, but it also works well as a household emergency flashlight thanks to its size and user friendly features. In fact, considering how some tactical flashlights offer more output, you're much better off keeping the Energizer Weatheready somewhere in your home, where it can do more good. So if you would like to know more about this item then here's what we can tell you. 


The Energizer Weatheready Compact LED Flashlight is a small, efficient flashlight that offers good performance. Its beam is not that impressive compared to most high powered flashlights, but it does have an impressive range of 27 meters. Also, its components are relatively tough for a flashlight of its size too, so there's no need to worry about reliability

And speaking of reliability, the Energizer Weatheready was designed as much for compactness as portability. Not only is it easy to store and carry, it also works well in difficult situations. It can fit inside backpacks, pockets and emergency kits. For people who want to create their very own bugout bag, the Weatheready's compact design makes it a good secondary flashlight for survivalist, hunters, campers and all sorts of outdoors enthusiasts.

As for its other features the Energizer Weatheready features an easy-to-operate slide switch, an ergonomic rubber grip and head, as well as a waterproof casing which is ideal for wet areas. It can also run on either 2 AA or 4 AA batteries, and its battery compartment was designed for tense situations. 

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the Energizer Weatheready Compact LED Flashlight is powered by Energizer Max Alkaline batteries, which are included in the package. These types of batteries have a run time of up to 48 hours. 


- Compact
- Easy to Use
- Easy to Store 
- Good Range


- Average Output
- Can't compete with larger and more powerful tactical flashlights


The Energizer Weatheready Compact LED Flashlight is best used as an emergency flashlight. Although it works well in most outdoor environments, it can't compete with most tactical flashlights. Instead, the Energy Weatheready works best for going down to the basement or going to the bathroom. 

On the plus side, though, this flashlight is ergonomic as well as easy to hold and point. You also won't have any trouble with the controls or the battery compartment, which you should be able to open even in the dark. As a nigh light, the light output is nothing special, but it's still fairly bright, and also the beam points either upwards or downwards. 

Finally, with regards to its size and usability, the Energizer Weatheready can be stored in almost any part of the house. So even though it works well as a outdoor flashlight, it's also a good choice for household emergencies.