The Browning High Noon 3C Spotlight Light is a small, affordable and reliable light with an unconventional design. Its ray gun-like appearance makes it look like it has a lot of interesting features, but the truth is that it is a small, simple flashlight that offers good output. So don't expect any cutting edge technology from this product, because it doesn't have any.

Despite its simple features, though, the Browning High Noon is still a reliable flashlight that offers good performance if you take good care of it. It works well as a emergency or residential flashlight, and requires very little maintenance. So if you are interested in this flashlight then here's what you should know.


The first time you look at the Browning High Noon, the first thing you'll notice is its size and design. It looks like it has a lot of interesting features and accessories to offer. This can be misleading, though, as it doesn't have any features to set it apart from more advanced flashlights.

Despite its simplicity, though, it is a very powerful flashlight. It is quite bright for its size, and like most flashlights in the market, it offers different modes of light, namely low, high and strobe. Moreover, its light also has a good range, and its lens seems sturdy and reliable.

You can switch from different modes by squeezing the trigger for a few seconds. The default setting is low then high then strobe. It may take some getting used to, but the controls are easy to figure out once you have mastered them.

As for its durability, the Browning High Noon isn't made from any special materials. It's also quite light, so don't expect any tough alloys. It's reasonably durable as far as flashlights go, but don't expect it to last very long at a campsite or a fishing trip. Although it offers good output, it's not as tough as many tactical flashlights out there.

Finally, there is the Browning High Noon's design. Thanks to its light weight, it's easy to carry around, and storage is not a problem either. The Browning High is small enough to be kept in a glove compartment or in the side pocket of the backpack. So it's a good flashlight to keep for evening treks.


- Affordable
- Good Output
- Easy to Hold and Carry


- Lack of Extra Features
- The Grip is Too Small


All in all, the Browning High Noon 3C Spotlight Light is a small, simple affordable flashlight. It works well enough, but it lacks the durability of tactical flashlights as well as the extra features of more expensive ones.

It's quite affordable and its high output helps justify its price. It is also easy to use and hold, even if it seems a little small.

On the other hand, if you want something that offers more light modes, water resistance and energy management then this may not be the item you want, particularly if you want a flashlight for camping.