Best Flashlight Brands

If you're looking for a quality flashlight, you most probably won't find it in your local store. These devices have become so advanced, the competition has become fierce and the market has developed and grown. This is why it is, perhaps, even more difficult to find a good flashlight, whether you're looking for one to use at home or a more intermediate, tactical flashlight. 

Every experienced flashlight owner will tell you one thing: "Stick to what you know". This means that you should stick to well-established brands. Companies that have made a name for themselves in this industry. Companies that have left a mark on the flashlight market and asserted themselves as market leaders. Brands that have forever changed and redefined the flashlight market. 

What are the best flashlight brands?


If you're currently in the process of researching and figuring out which flashlight would be the best for you personally, you've probably read countless Amazon reviews, as well as professional reviews and haven't quite come to a conclusion yet. The best flashlight brands, brands that are known for producing high quality products are: Nitecore, Streamlight and Klarus. These three companies have practically revolutionized the industry, by producing innovating flashlights one after another and developing new devices, annually, penetrating the market with brute force.

Healthy competition is always good - that's what keeps the industry moving and that is what forces these companies to keep on producing good products and to keep on offering something new to their users each time they launch a new flashlight onto the market. Nitecore, Streamlight and Klarus are all world class companies, brands that have made a difference and forever changed the way we use flashlights. The army, the police, hunters, shooters, hobbyists - everyone uses their products because each of these companies has, at some point, released a flashlight that suits their needs and preferences. This is why it is important to conduct proper research and explore the market before you reach for the wallet and buy that special flashlight that will make your life easier and serve its purpose. We have made sure to review each of these companies individually, so if you're looking for more info about them, feel free to keep reading - we're sure you will find absolutely everything that you may ever need below. 

Nitecore Flashlight 

Founded back in 2001, Nitecore was originally called OEM or ODM. They used to specialize in producing parts and components for various lighting devices, but they have since changed their name to Nitecore and become one of the best flashlight brands on the market today. They have been producing high quality LED flashlights ever since 2007 - since then, they have released almost 700 models onto the market. Each of them is targeted at a certain demographic group, meant to cater needs of different users. What separates this company from all the others is their dedication to quality and high performance. They are known for producing high-performing, multi-functional, powerful devices. 

Since this is a company that focuses on high performance and cutting edge technology, they utilize the newest LED technology available, constantly coming up with new products and producing high-performing flashlights on a monthly basis. If you are an intermediate, experienced user, someone looking for a spectacular flashlight and someone willing to go the extra mile (perhaps even spend more money than the average user would) Nitecore flashlights are exactly what you are looking for. 

Streamlight Flashlight

Based in Eagleville, Pennsylvania and founded back in 1973 Streamlight Incorporated is a well-known company and one of the best flashlight brands in the world. In fact, their devices are so good that military and policemen use them. Clearly, if a company is working with the government and providing armed forces with any kind of equipment, it is an absolute giant. That is exactly the case with Streamlight. They may be best-known for producing tactical flashlights, but they also have products meant for automotive and mechanical work, as well as products specialized for outdoor activities. 

At the current moment, Streamlight has almost 1000 flashlights on the market. This alone speaks volumes about this company and how huge they are. They feature a large number of flashlight designs and have a flashlight meant for every possible user out there. What's so interesting about this product is the relationship that they have with their customers. Rarely do we ever see such a big company paying a lot of attention to customer care and warranties and that is exactly what Streamlight has been doing for all these years and probably what's kept them at the top for so many decades. Their warranty deals are top notch and the customer service is incredible. If you've read Amazon reviews of their products you've probably come across raving reviews and users mentioning their superb customer service - this is not a coincidence. This is what Streamlight is known for. 

Klarus Flashlight

Unlike the other brands we've reviewed so far, Klarus are a relatively new company. Based in Shenzhen, China Klarus has become a household name over a short period of time. They have broken onto the market and asserted themselves as one of the industry leaders fairly quickly. Their flashlights can be best described with two words: reliability and durability. This company is, slowly but surely, becoming bigger and bigger and that wouldn't have been the case if they weren't doing something right. Their durable flashlights are made out of high quality military-grade aluminium, which is why they supply professional CSI teams and armies all over the world.

However, the company does not pay attention to professional use and nothing else - they've produced a decent number of general use flashlights and they've already become a user-favorite, everywhere across the world. Apart from producing flashlights, they make parts and accessories, which is just another reason to check their devices out. If you're thinking about purchasing a flashlight of any kind, but don't have a large budget to work with, Klarus flashlights might be your best choice - they are a very budget-friendly company, but they don't compromise when it comes to quality.


Olight Flashlights

Olight's motto is that no one should go about in the dark. The company offers products that illuminate everyone's lives. Olight cares about everything from brightness to ergonomics. The flashlights this globally-driven company creates are brilliant and comfortable to hold.

One of its products is the Olight 90 Lumens i3E. This night not only shows you the way but is a compact keychain as well. It shines for up to 44 meters with only one AA battery. You'll have up to 60 000 hours of brightness. This pendant light is waterproof and serves as a Hardy camping companion. The light's small size thrilled customers. They also felt reassured knowing that it fits IPX-8 standards.

If pendant lights aren't for you, try the Olight M1X Striker. This top grade light has five brightness levels from 0.5 to 1000 lumens. It shines for up to 190 meters. You won't have to worry if you drop it because it has a shock proof body. Enhanced conductivity ensures its brightness. The light's long runtime delighted many customers.

You'll also love the Olight S30R II. You'll buy it because of the sleek charging dock included with it. At 3200 mAh, its rechargeable battery is powerful. You'll also adore the functional side switch that offers five brightness levels. A glow-in-the-dark O ring allows you to find it if you drop it by mistake. The flashlight comes with two EdisonBright CR123A lithium-ion batteries. Customers praised its usability.

Olight is confident that its products work and offers warranties on each one. Each comes in striking black.

For a flashlight that is both durable and fashionable, look no further than Olight.

Fenix Flashlights

Fenix advances illumination technology with its functional LED lights. Its goal is to create lightweight lighting packages for heads, handlebars, and hands. The company puts its products through extensive testing to make sure that they exceed ANSI standards.

Fenix creates products that prevent accidental activation. Low brightness under 20 lumens let users navigate roads safely. W They have long run times and are always in working condition.

One of them is the HL60R Black Fenix headlamp. You must have this device with you on every camping trip. This savvy flashlight has five brightness levels that allow you to see in any condition. The neutral white light enables better color rendering. Users mentioned that it's a useful flashlight for technical work.

Another of its products is the FX-PD35TAC. This durable flashlight has a stainless steel switch that allows you to use it in different modes. It stays bright because Fenix has rendered its output digitally. Customers complimented its horizontal beams.

On this list of excellent products by Fenix is the EO1 13 Lumens waterproof flashlight. A single AAA battery offers astounding brightness. It's body's made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it one of the most durable lights to date. Furthermore, it runs for a whole 21 hours before you need to charge it. Its best feature is that it's waterproof. Use it underwater for up to 30 minutes. Satisfied users adored that they could carry it anywhere. Others mentioned how durable it is.

In all, if you want a flashlight that embraces convenience and functionality, get a Fenix flashlight.

Energizer Flashlight

The word Energizer brings innovation and technology to mind. This manufacturer has shaped the portable and power lighting industry with groundbreaking products.

You'll know the company because of its icon, the Energizer Bunny. Like its mascot, the flashlights it offers go on and on. Energizer's noted for products that have long run times.

One of them is the Energizer professional work light that comes in a hard case. Made of resilient plastic, it offers intense white light. You can, therefore, do jobs that need attention to detail. The high and low mode allows you to control its brightness. Customers commented that it's a great flashlight to use in the backyard and while camping.

The company also presents smart, and affordable Energizer Weather Ready LED lights. You can use them regardless of the weather. They are not hard to find and are reliable emergency flashlights. A customer remarked that they are easy enough for his dogs to carry in their mouths.

No one wants to carry around a flashlight that's too heavy. Bulk is scary, but Energizer has solved the problem of excess size. Its LED keychain light is portable and bright. You can carry this sleek key chain cum flashlight anywhere. If you find yourself trapped in the dark, this is a light you'll need. Customers value it because it helped them when they needed it most. Others commented on its durability, saying that they love its solid metal.

All said, if you want a flashlight that's both attractive and durable, get an Energizer.

Pelican Flashlights

Pelican is an undisputed expert in the manufacturing of protective cases and high-performance flashlights. Their products are in demand among law enforcement, military, entertainment, and aerospace professionals.

The company's bio-thermal division recently received the United Kingdom's most sought after accolade, the Queen's Award for Enterprise. It owes this to Innovative products like lightweight Pelican Air Cases which people count on to protect their cell phones.

You'll love the Pelican 7600 tactical flashlight, which comes with a rechargeable battery made of lithium-ion. An indicator allows you to check on its battery level. Because Pelican constructed it with an IPX8 submersible material, you won't have to worry if it gets wet. This durable, carbon steel flashlight comes in three beautiful LED colors. Customers admired its solid construction. Others enjoyed its brightness.

Another of its products is the extraordinary Pelican 2360 black flashlight. A quick on-off push button allows you to control its output. If you're prone to getting things wet, you'll need this light. It's waterproof for up to a meter. Perhaps its best feature is its brightness. This incredible flashlight is 250 lumens.

If you want a flashlight that you can use in extremely dark conditions, get the Pelican Stealthlite. You can use this light for at least 4 hours. It has a high Lumen value of 25. Rest assured that it's durable because Pelican made it out of precision aluminum. Customers reflected that it served them well when they were diving.

If you want a flashlight that's hardy and functional, a Pelican is the one you want.