About Us

Why Bestactical.com Was Created

Bestactical.com was created to provide consumers with the most comprehensive flashlight reviews and information on the internet. We are a small team of researchers and writers with a deep passion for tactical flashlights. Each one of our team members have spent the majority of their lives testing, reviewing, and utilizing flashlights.

We have diverse backgrounds - from well-known tactical review “Youtubers” to quality assurance workers whose job it is to deal with flashlights every day. And we bring these backgrounds together to give you the best information possible.

It’s difficult find quality information about flashlights. And usually the only good resources are buried in forums or left to the back of generic survival blogs. But on this site, tactical flashlights are our main and only focus.

Enjoy high-end thorough and accurate representations of all the best flashlights.

Our Mission

Our one and only goal is to provide honest and nonbiased reviews of flashlights that are as in-depth as possible. Every buyer’s guide and flashlight review created are only written after testing the flashlights in person ourselves for days.

Each flashlight is put through rigorous physical and quantitative tests to assess their true worth. And from the minds of our experts, we then relay this information to you in hopes of giving you value.

Use us as a resource and reference to help you make the best buying decision possible.